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Ausable River Map Borchers Burton's Landing Stephan Bridge Wakeley Bridge McMaster's Bridge Parmalee Bridge Camp 10 Mio McKinley Alcona Loud Dam 5 Channel Cooke Dam Foote Dam Oscoda Mud Creek Rayburns Picnic Area Canoe Camp White Pine Camp Rainbow Bend Huron National Forest Old Orchard
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July & August Saturdays
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Less Crowded/Better Deal
Hours, Miles
Tandem kayak
Tandem kayak
4 or more
Most Popular #1 Burtons
2.5 hrs | 8 miles
$32 $26 $27 $24 $21
*Best Day Trip* #2 Stephan
4 hrs | 13 miles
$37 $30 $31 $27 $26
Experienced Paddlers,
Very Scenic
#3 Wakeley
5.5 hrs | 18 miles
$48 $43 $42 $37 $35
2 Day Camping Trip #4 McMasters
8.5 hrs | 26 miles
$75 $65 $70 $55 $55
2 Day Camping Trip #5 Parmalee
11 hrs | 36 miles
$80 $70 $75 $60 $60
3 Day Camping Trip #6 Camp 10
15 hrs | 46 miles
$90 $85 $85 $75 $70
3 Day Camping Trip #7 Mio
17 hrs | 49 miles
$100 $90 $95 $75 $75

Two for Tuesday

2.5 hour trip 2 canoes for $48 2 kayaks for $38

Borchers 4 - 5 Day Trips

Landing Alcona Loud 5 Channels Cooke Dam Foote Dam Oscoda
Hours 25.5 29 32.5 37 43 49
Miles 76 90 93 100 108 120
Any Day $110 $145 $145 $155 $165 $175

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AuSable River Information

Borchers, a northern Michigan destination in the heart of Grayling, has a long history of providing canoe and kayak trips on the AuSable River.

Founded by Ernie Borchers in 1936, it is the oldest canoe livery in Grayling. Borchers has a long tradition of being family owned, operated, and oriented.

The AuSable River flows at a gentle 3 to 5 miles per hour, and ranges in depth from 18 to 36 inches. Many natural stops along the river allow canoeists a break, where they may choose to wade or swim. The name AuSable means of sand which is evident by its sand and gravel river bed. Although many different species of fish may be seen in the AuSable River, the Grayling, for which our town is named, is now extinct in the area and may only be found in Alaska and the Arctic.

Borchers AuSable River canoe & kayak trips offer a variety of natural beauty amidst the crystal clear waters. As canoeists make their way down the AuSable River from our location in Grayling, they may see an array of wildlife, such as beaver, muskrat, blue heron, mink, and deer. There is even a chance they may see a bald eagle. Silent paddling will encourage the wildlife to stay put, allowing canoeists a closer look than ever imagined.

Borchers has ample parking in our large grassy yard. Pull in, park, and sign up for your trip. Your canoe or kayak will be waiting at our dock for your trip down the AuSable River. At the end of your trip, a Borchers driver will be waiting with a van and trailer to transport you and the canoes & kayaks back to Grayling.

Back in the '30s canoes were made of wood and canvas and had to be stored in the boathouse. Borchers now offers both aluminum and polyethylene canoes as well as kayaks and we have remodeled our boathouse for our canoeists' convenience.

While signing up for your trip, check out our t-shirts, hats and can holders. Borchers also has ice, snacks, sunscreen and other river necessities.