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Borchers Bed & Breakfast makes a great base for fly fishermen.  Located within walking distance of the Old AuSable Fly Shop, Spike's and uptown Grayling, Borchers overlooks the beautiful AuSable River.

Borchers is near to three exceptional Fly Shops offering guide service.

Old AuSable Fly Shop

Ron's Fly Shop

Gates Lodge

If you are 17 years of age or older, you need a fishing license to fish in Michigan.
If you are younger than 17 years of age, you may fish without a license, but you are required to observe all fishing rules and regulations.

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Let us send you to the experts for your fly fishing needs and at the end of a great day on the AuSable River,
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Ernie Borchers

        by Paul J. Beal,

Many years ago, in the small town of Grayling on the beautiful Au Sable River, a fly pattern named the Borchers Special was tied for the first time by legendary fly fishing guide and fly tier, Ernie Borchers. On a trip down the Au Sable, Ernie caught a few dark Mayflies on the river. He saw these flies being taken by rising trout, and wanted to attempt to tie something similar at home. He made modifications until he was satisfied with his creation and proceeded to use these new flies on the river with other fishermen. The pattern worked amazingly well and the word spread. It wasn’t long until the Borchers Special became one of the best patterns to have in your fly box. For many it became their “go to” fly when fishing was tough. This remains true today, as many Michigan fly fishing guides still regard the Borchers Special as the most useful fly pattern in their fly box.

Ernie Borchers was born in Grayling in 1903, and unfortunately died of a heart attack in 1952 at the early age of 49. Ernie was guiding part time in the 1930s when he decided to help his cousin Fred “Dutch” Neiderere start a greenhouse. While guiding, he liked using a canoe rather than an Au Sable River Boat, which was and still is a popular boat on the river. He felt that with a canoe he could move quicker and cover more water. In his canoe he carried a long and a short pole along with his canoe paddles, to plant into the river bottom if his clients wanted to stop to fish a particular spot. Ernie purchased two canvas canoes to guide fishing clients, then as demand for his skills on the river grew, he purchased four more.

In 1936 he sold the greenhouse to his cousin and founded a canoe livery and guiding business. Ernie’s wife, Florence Stephan Borchers, helped by running the livery while he managed the guiding business. His daughter, Barbara Borchers Sojka, normally worked as the “pickup man” on these trips and was waiting for them at an agreed upon rendezvous. Connors Flats was often used as a pick up location.

Note: Barbara Borchers Sojka currently resides along the mainstream of the AuSable River. 


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