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We took ownership of Borchers on Christmas Eve 1991.  We had no idea how close the acquisition was to a package under the tree, would the contents be a good fit or would this be headed for the re-gift pile?  Over two decades later, we like to think it is a match made in heaven!


We were high-school sweethearts,  married young, and had two sons.  We both enjoyed camping, canoeing, and the Grayling area. 

We were not looking for a business, but when we discovered Borchers, we found the location and anticipated lifestyle charming.                

Cheri’s parents were looking for a retirement opportunity and so with parents and sons,

we brought three generations of our family to Grayling to provide river and lodging service to generations of guests.


 Cheri & Mark 1973 

Our sons have moved on to dreams of their own.  Our oldest son and his wife live in Portland, Oregon.  He is an officer in the Merchant Marine and travels on bodies of water larger than the AuSable River.

Our youngest son and his wife live in Lake Tahoe along with our new granddaughter.  He works with Disabled Sports continuing the family tradition of outdoor recreation.

Our goal is to provide a family atmosphere both on the river and at our lodge.  For the paddling public, we hope to provide an experience that will instill respect for the resource and a love of the outdoors.  For our B&B guests, we provide a clean, comfortable facility to allow relaxation and an opportunity to renew family ties, friendships, and sense of self.         


The Hunter Family Macy's Parade 2008


We surround ourselves with handpicked staffers who embrace and present exceptional customer service.  We are extremely proud of our team.

2011 Borchers Reunion – About one third of our past and present staffers.


Borchers has become a way of life for us.  Guests, staffers, and business associates have enriched our lives. 

                    2015 Staff

We have made wonderful friendships.  A gift from one favorite couple hangs over our door and sums up our feelings for our guests, “Enter as strangers, leave as friends.”
We still find a little time for a shared love of history and movies and for trucking adventures in the off season.   Walks on the Rayburn property are now a family favorite.

We may tell you, tongue in cheek, that we are here through the witness protection program, but it is through the most fortuitous happenstance that we live on the river and help create memories for ourselves and our guests!

Thanks for taking the time to learn a little bit about us. 

Come and see us and let us learn a little bit about you!

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